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(LinuxWorld) — With all the chatter accompanying two WINE-related announcements over the past week or so, I thought it might be a good time to take a long look at the WINE project to see what all the fuss has been about. TransGaming's announcement of the availability of WineX 3.0 got a lot of pixel dust, but that wasn't the only recent news about WINE. The cold, dead hand of the Microsoft monopoly also reached out to touch the project when Whil Hentzen, a leading proponent of Visual FoxPro (VFP) development on Linux, was contacted by a Microsoft manager and told it was a violation of the VFP EULA to run it on Linux. Reminiscing over WINE The WINE project has a long and stable history. Bob Amstadt was the original project coordinator. According to Amstadt's posts in comp.os.linux and comp.os.linux.misc newsgroups in the summer of 1993, the project began life in Jun... (more)

Graphics Still the Hot Topic in Open Source .NET

Graphics and GUI (System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms [SWF]) continue to be a couple of the most worked-on areas in both Mono and Portable.NET. Other areas under heavy development include cryptography, Web services, coverage and build tools for Mono, dependency charts for Portable.NET, and lots of bug fixes for both. Mono and Portable.NET Do GUI Differently In a project the size of .NET, choices often need to be made between options of nearly equal technical merit. Having more than one project (Portable.NET and Mono) can allow more than one choice to be made. The GUI code (SystemWindows.Forms and System.Drawing) is one area where the advantages of having multiple choices are apparent. The main Mono implementation of SWF uses Wine/Winelib, but there is also a side project using Gtk# (C# bindings for GTK) as the base for SWF (using Gtk# for SWF is separate from Gtk# ... (more)

Exploring the Romantic Cinque Terre

Hiking on centuries-old footpaths to remote villages, then returning to the comforts of a classic motoryacht provides a perfect holiday mix. In the heart of a remote national park, five tiny medieval villages, almost untouched by time since Roman occupation, cling to the rocks overhanging the sea. But how do you visit these alluring towns, cut off from modern bustle and devoid of road access? The answer is simple: invest in a stout pair of walking shoes and charter a luxury yacht!  The Cinque Terre, or five lands, are found on Italy's Mediterranean coast just south of Genoa in the amphitheater-shaped Golfo di Spezia, more romantically referred to as the Gulf of Poets. To this day it remains an inspiration for the fertile mind and fleet of foot. There is a legend that a magical sea monster pursued by hunters fled into the sea where he scratched and clawed out the nu... (more)

Migrating to Linux not easy for Windows users

(LinuxWorld) — Windows 95 works well enough for my needs, but I'm eight years behind the technology curve. While I realize there are still many who rely on Apple IIs and Tandy 100s for their daily computing chores, it's time for me to start planning a migration route. I was mulling the possibilities when the OfficeSuperGeek (tOSG) talked me into a CPU upgrade, gave me a suitable motherboard from his bonepile, dumped some Linux distributions on my desk and said, "Here... try these." What follows is an 18-month tour of recent and now not-so-recent Linux distributions. Before we proceed, let me set your expectations about this overview. It isn't scientific. It's based on my impressions as a technical writer, Linux neophyte and curmudgeon. It's an appropriate and fair look from my humble newbie perspective. If you are a hairy-chested Linux administrator or programmer, ... (more)

Mainsoft, Novell Give Mono a Push

Novell and Mainsoft have committed programming resources to Mono; Mono has released version 0.29, adding Unicode support from IBM. Portable.NET has made progress on WinForms, including multidocument interface (MDI) applications using the XWindows library. Not Exactly True An Associated Press story claimed Novell has hired 40 programmers in India to work on Mono. The facts are that Novell has long had about 350 programmers working in India; they have transferred 40 of those to work full time on open source projects. Of those 40, between 5 and 10 are now working on Mono. The new Mono coders will work on all parts of the Mono project. Mono and DotGNU have always been international projects, and a number of corporations have committed to parts of Mono. Combining both, Mono is getting a boost from Mainsoft's commitment of a group of programmers in Israel to work on the M... (more)

Migrating the Desktop from NT to Linux

At the end of 2004, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows NT. At that point, anyone using Windows NT will have several choices: follow Microsoft's upgrade path to Windows 2003, continue to use Windows NT without Microsoft support, or switch to Linux. Switching to Linux is the cheapest, safest alternative, according to such companies as Tramp Trampolines and Polyscientific Enterprise Sdn. Bhd, a distributor of chemical and industrial products. Both of these companies made successful migrations from Windows NT to Linux and are happily using Linux as a desktop today, bringing them cost savings and greater stability. This article examines the Windows-to-Linux path for organizations using Windows NT as a desktop. We'll look at the first step, taking stock of the current situation, and then look at the choices that have to be made based on that. Then we'll look at the mi... (more)

Mono Project Grows as Novell Hires 2 Volunteers

This month I will look deeper into Mono's 0.30 release System.Windows. Forms (SWF) implementation changes, and also discuss some other ways that Novell has helped Mono and open source. Mono Last month I mentioned some of the highlights of the Mono 0.30 release, including XML, security, and C# compiler performance improvements. This month I will go over some of the other improvements and announcements. However, just after the 0.30 release, a couple of compiler bugs were found that affected several people using Mono for "real" work, so there was a quick 0.30.1 release. The full release notes can be found at; the release itself is at Included in the release notes is an announcement that Novell has hired two longtime Mono volunteers. One will be working from Barcelona on System.Drawing, joining th... (more)

Hidden Anchorages in the Greek Islands

George Nicholson, Camper & Nicholsons International's chairman and one of the most widely cruised and knowledgeable super-yachtsmen in the world, took family and friends on an unforgettable 11-day charter trip through Greece. Here is his personal cruising log, shared exclusively with International Yacht Vacations & Charters readers. In August 2003, I chartered the brand new Jacques and Nicolas Fauroux-designed 40m cutter Vaimiti for a cruise in Greece with family and friends. Vaimiti had just been launched in July and the settling down cruise was, in reality, the trip to Greece to pick us up in Mykonos on the 28th of August. As we knew in advance that Vaimiti was surely going to be a fine sailboat, and at 40m overall length she was big, we planned our trip to take full advantage of the Meltemi wind that should have still been blowing at that time of year. We also h... (more)

Linux & Games: Installing TransGaming's Latest Release, Cedega 4.0

When the possibility of becoming the Gaming Industry editor for LinuxWorld Magazine came up, I jumped. I love games! Part of it's the championship procrastinator in me, I have to admit. Another part's that I was born a daydreamer and games are a fun way of at least having shared daydreams. I also just like to have fun. I tend to be an overly serious person, and so learning to kick back and just relax takes a lot of time and effort. That's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it. Stepping aside from the issue of whether adding software that lets us run Windows games under Linux is ultimately healthy for Linux or not (a topic I addressed with my gaming roundtable back in the April issue of LinuxWorld Magazine), when TransGaming ( announced their latest WineX release (now renamed Cedega), I thought it might be fun to see how their product is shapin... (more)

An Interview with Mark Hinkle

Mark Hinkle, LinuxWorld Magazine's editor of desktop technology and CIO of NeTraverse, makers of Win4Lin, talks to Kevin Bedell about the latest developments in the Linux desktop and Windows-to-Linux migration. LWM: Your Dr. Migration column has been very popular with our readers; what gave you the idea to start writing it? Mark Hinkle: I guess it was mostly a product of my own frustrations as I moved from being primarily a Windows user to being primarily a Linux user. I found it tough to read main pages and search newsgroups for answers to my questions just because the level of technical expertise was so great there and hard for a naïve user to comprehend. I wanted to offer a resource for people like me who were management professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other vocations that were not IT specific, so they could understand how to run Linux in a less int... (more)

Obsession with the Sea

Once a favorite haunt of pirates, and the setting for Treasure Island, the riches in this area of the West Indies now lie in abundant coral reefs and unpopulated islands accessible only by boat. The crisp, crackling underwater sound I heard was unfamiliar to me. I tried to pinpoint it while caught up in the mesmerizing world of slowly waving purple sea fans, magenta-colored coral, and schools of fish ranging from electric blue to vibrant yellow. When I was able to tear myself away long enough to return to the tender of the 85ft Hatteras, Obsession, I removed my snorkel and asked Captain Gene Costa about the source of the noise. He told me it was the sound of the vividly colored, multistriped parrotfish chewing on the coral. In fact, he said, their teeth are designed for just that purpose. I resumed my drifting, facedown in the 86-degree turquoise sea, this time focuse... (more)