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Graphics and GUI (System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms [SWF]) continue to be a couple of the most worked-on areas in both Mono and Portable.NET. Other areas under heavy development include cryptography, Web services, coverage and build tools for Mono, dependency charts for Portable.NET, and lots of bug fixes for both. Mono and Portable.NET Do GUI Differently In a project the size of .NET, choices often need to be made between options of nearly equal technical merit. Having more than one project (Portable.NET and Mono) can allow more than one choice to be made. The GUI code (SystemWindows.Forms and System.Drawing) is one area where the advantages of having multiple choices are apparent. The main Mono implementation of SWF uses Wine/Winelib, but there is also a side project using Gtk# (C# bindings for GTK) as the base for SWF (using Gtk# for SWF is separate from Gtk# ... (more)

Migrating to Linux not easy for Windows users

(LinuxWorld) — Windows 95 works well enough for my needs, but I'm eight years behind the technology curve. While I realize there are still many who rely on Apple IIs and Tandy 100s for their daily computing chores, it's time for me to start planning a migration route. I was mulling the possibilities when the OfficeSuperGeek (tOSG) talked me into a CPU upgrade, gave me a suitable motherboard from his bonepile, dumped some Linux distributions on my desk and said, "Here... try these." What follows is an 18-month tour of recent and now not-so-recent Linux distributions. Before we proceed, let me set your expectations about this overview. It isn't scientific. It's based on my impressions as a technical writer, Linux neophyte and curmudgeon. It's an appropriate and fair look from my humble newbie perspective. If you are a hairy-chested Linux administrator or programmer, ... (more)

Will Cloud Computing Providers Become Too Big to Fail?

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the SF Bay Area, and I can think of nothing better to do than sit on my tail and write up some recent thoughts. Let others hit the beaches, walk in the redwoods, cruise one of the three wine countries he have here, enjoy The City, or maybe sneak up to Tahoe for the last of this year's skiing. Today, I'm all about Cloud Computing and its place in history. I'm not a technical person, as anyone who has ever read my stuff can attest. So I won't tell you how cloud will affect EJB or you PHP/Perl/Python folks, or whether open-source will boon in a cloud-obsessed world. Truth is, this last sentence was a straw man, as we all know that technical discussions about cloud--at least as they relate to application development--miss the point. Cloud Computing requires a very high-level, organizational dialog. Therein lies Cloud's vast potential. Be... (more)

SuSE’s Windows Rival Due

SuSE is supposed to announce the availability of its promised $129 Linux Office Desktop on Monday, January 20. The stuff, whose arrival was heralded back in November and positioned as a Windows rival, is bundled with CodeWeavers WINE-based CrossOver 1.3.1 code so it can run Office 98 and 2000 and a few other Windows programs like Notes albeit imperfectly by CodeWeavers’ own admission (CSN No 474). It’s for the SME-retail market. Linuxgram is published weekly by G2 Computer Intelligence Inc. 323 Glen Cove Ave.; Sea Cliff, NY 11579, USA; Tel: 516 759-7025 - Fax: 516 759-7028 Send press releases to: [email protected] Subscription price per year: $195/£140 individual reader. Corporate Subscription available at quantity discounts. E-mail: [email protected] (c) Copyright 2003 G2 Computer Intelligence, Inc. ... (more)

New Versions of Portable.NET and Mono Released - Mono passes the Vault Web server acceptance test

DotGNU is getting ready to make a big splash with the release of v0.1, including Portable.NET v0.6. Mono has released v0.28 with many new features, and Ximian has completed its contract with SourceGear. DotGNU Readies v0.1 Portable.NET has released v0.6, but the DotGNU CD is running a bit behind schedule. The CD is in the final stage of packaging and testing, but will miss my deadline by what looks like a few days, so the details will have to wait another month. The 0.6 version of Portable.NET has been released and will be included on the DotGNU 0.1 CD. The last couple of Portable.NET releases were practice runs for this release, and with the exception of WinForms and a few other hot spots, this is an incremental release. Outside of System.Windows. Forms, most of the work has focused on bug fixes, cleanup, and the addition of a few key features. The main runtime ch... (more)

Migrating the Desktop from NT to Linux

At the end of 2004, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows NT. At that point, anyone using Windows NT will have several choices: follow Microsoft's upgrade path to Windows 2003, continue to use Windows NT without Microsoft support, or switch to Linux. Switching to Linux is the cheapest, safest alternative, according to such companies as Tramp Trampolines and Polyscientific Enterprise Sdn. Bhd, a distributor of chemical and industrial products. Both of these companies made successful migrations from Windows NT to Linux and are happily using Linux as a desktop today, bringing them cost savings and greater stability. This article examines the Windows-to-Linux path for organizations using Windows NT as a desktop. We'll look at the first step, taking stock of the current situation, and then look at the choices that have to be made based on that. Then we'll look at the mi... (more)

Moving to the Linux Business Desktop

Marcel Gagné is probably best known for his three-time award-winning monthly column called "Cooking with Linux," where he impersonates a French chef serving up fine Linux fare and (naturellement) wine. Here he shares his views on the Linux Desktop. Tell us about your latest book, Moving to the Linux Business Desktop, why you wrote it, and who you see using it. Moving to the Linux Business Desktop expresses my belief in the capabilities of the modern Linux desktop - a mature, powerful, stable, and secure personal computing environment. Pretty much everything you expect from a corporate desktop is available on the Linux desktop. Furthermore, the modern Linux desktop is also friendly and easy to use, with a little guidance. That's what I intend to provide with the book, of course. By using Linux desktops, businesses and organizations of every size can free themselves fr... (more)

Making it Easier to Enjoy New York State Wine

ALBANY, N.Y., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- With the largest wine industry on the East Coast, New York State is making it easier to enjoy its more than 200 wineries -- whether purchasing a bottle or visiting a vineyard. Over the past 30 years, New York State's wine industry has expanded from 19 wineries to 219. In total wine production, it ranks second -- behind California -- growing 65 percent since 1985. With wineries located across the state, more than 3 million people visited New York's vineyards in 2003. Earlier this month, a new law took effect, allowing New York State wine to be shipped directly to home states that provide reciprocal shipping privileges. In addition, events, guides and a new visitor center are among the initiatives designed for those visiting to New York State's wine regions: Celebrate the Grapes at Red, White and Blues Festival This annual blues bas... (more)

Fedora Software

Excerpted in part from Red Hat Fedora and Enterprise Linux 4 Bible by Christopher Negus (Wiley Publishing, 2005) In its Fedora Core Linux system, the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project aims to only include software that is Open Source and free of reasonable patent claims. As a result, at random intervals, an article or mailing list post will exclaim how Fedora sucks because it doesn't have xyz media player, certain file system support, or other favorite that's in some other Linux. Despite the fact that Red Hat sometimes seems bent on making money, proponents of the free and Open Source software movement can feel relatively safe that no one will hide code or sue them for using Fedora Core. But if not having a piece of software that's in some other Linux (or Windows) system is keeping you from switching to Fedora, then there may be a simple answer. You might just need t... (more)

A Yacht Charter Vacation in the Bahamas

The place is being developed faster than you can say “conch fritter”, though, and the assortment of inns, resorts, hotels and other places to hang hat and anchor can be a challenge to negotiate.  Here we profile four hotels of disparate flavors, each catering to a particular type of traveler. Atlantis:  The Place to Drop Anchor Atlantis is ideal for vacationers whose tastes run to the colossal, the bustling, the all-inclusive, those with impatient children, or all of the above.  It’s a city unto itself, a Times Square in the middle of sunny paradise, and it’s growing, too; construction was going on during our trip for a new wing of suites which will probably need their own zip code.  We’d need a dictionary-sized tome to touch on every last amenity it offers, but suffice it to say the Atlantis has 2,300 guest accommodations in its Royal To... (more)

Luxury Living With A Yacht in Your Yard

Once upon a short time ago a French man named François Spoerry had a unique and watery vision for his yacht. His wish was to create a beautiful home where he could moor his boat in the backyard – the visionary Gallic was an avid sailor as well as being a creative architect. And lucky for an elite few, his wish came true. The development he designed in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in the south of France has attracted investors and yacht owners from all over the world who appreciate his excellent taste in real estate and the perfect location on the Mediterranean Sea. An added attraction is the mild micro-climate and sheltered harbour that Port Grimaud enjoys, which is thanks to protection from the Alps to the north. Just think Venice but in the south of France! The exclusive complex with its playful colours was designed to resemble the romantic Italian city with th... (more)