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Sailing, sailing over the bounding sea... Or in our case, inside a wine glass. We've all seen the ship-in-a-bottle knick-knack. Well, I'm here to show you how to set a sailboat afloat in a wine glass, using Fireworks MX or MX 2004, vector AND bitmap masks. Heave ho, matey, and don't forget to buckle your swash! Combining images is part of the fun with programs like Fireworks. Making those images look like they belong together - to fool the eye, as they say - is challenging and rewarding. Take this unlikely pair of images, for example: a studio beauty shot of a wine bottle with a glass and a sailboat. Wouldn't it be neat to make the sailboat seem as if it were floating inside the wine glass? If you answered "yes," continue on. If you answered "no," re-read the previous paragraph and answer, "yes," this time. Now that we're all in agreement, let's set sail - errr - g... (more)

First Look at New Long-Range Wi-Fi Technology

My first encounter with a microcomputer was thrilling. I didn't know about "disruptive technology" yet (it was 1979), but it certainly changed my life. I dreamed of carrying a computer around with me all the time. The same thing happened the first time I saw a Web browser. More recently, the day I finally got a Wi-Fi connection to work, I wandered around yelling, "Look at this!" Then I wandered too far and the Internet stopped. "Aw, look at that!" I cried. But I am now dreaming the dream. You know the one. High-speed Internet, all the time. But there are big-time challenges locating a hotspot, and finding the signal inside that hotspot. I've always thought there was something just a little wrong with the plan to bring Wi-Fi to the world though, and it's all about the size of the wireless network. The 300-foot range is just too small. When I hear 802.11 fans talk abo... (more)

Why the ProMEPIS Buzz? New Linux Distro Is Increasingly Popular

MEPIS has released two versions of Linux. SimplyMEPIS is designed for non-technical end users. ProMEPIS is designed for more technical users, administrators, IT professionals and web developers. SimplyMEPIS has become the sixth most popular desktop Linux distribution on and recently MEPIS was number three in the monthly rankings. This is an amazing feat when you consider that MEPIS was founded in November 2002 and is mostly the work of one person, who like Madonna, only identifies himself by his first name, Warren. Many Linux distributions have created a lot of buzz, exciting Linux fans that Microsoft Windows now had a rival. Lycoris created a stir because of its artistic Windows-like look-and-feel. Lindows, now Linspire, got a lot of press for telling future customers and potential investors that it was developing a Linux that would run Microso... (more)

AJAX Enhances The Pleasure Of Wine Tasting

Wine Blog on Ulitzer A new Web site allows users to store their wine tasting notes online where they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, either from a computer or mobile device with internet access. The founders of see emerging Internet technologies as powerful tools in the effort to never forget a great bottle of wine, and never buy a bad one twice. At each user’s notes can also become a public wine blog, and users can view those public logs in their search for new bottles to try. Wine watches and custom lists make those searches even easier as well. The site is designed for wine drinkers of all experience levels and includes an extensive wine and grape guide. When you track what you drink at, you will buy better bottles, both for yourself, and as gifts. According to co-founder, Steve Perlow, "The question I get asked m... (more)

Cognacs of France

If you aren’t yet ready to consider France heaven, it might be that you haven’t sampled the right bottle of cognac.  Writer Scott Rose here gives a primer on cognac culture and guidelines for finding the crème de la crème of cognacs.   A French expression that means ‘The Land of Plenty,” Le Pays de Cocagne, suitably describes the Charente region of southwest France, home to the king of brandies, cognac.  Charming villages dot the vineyard-rich countryside, churches and chateaux bear witness to history, and the rites of cognac production are central to life.     Local legend has it that the double distillation requisite to cognac was invented at the beginning of the 1600s by Le Chevalier de la Croix Marron, a pious nobleman.  Le Chevalier had a nightmare about the devil attempting to boil his soul out of him.  The first attempt failed, so the de... (more)

Blogging Piques Interest of Wine Industry

Wine Blog on Ulitzer American wine bloggers and wine blogging in particular has caught the attention of the wine industry based on the significant support the first-ever Wine Bloggers Conference has garnered from within the industry. More than twenty companies, associations and wineries have signed on to sponsor the October 24-26 event that will explore the impact blogging is having, best practices associated with wine blogging and the opportunities that accrue to the wine industry by interacting with this growing set of citizen journalists. Premier Sponsors of the 2008 Wine Blogging Conference currently include Cruvee, Inertia Beverage Group, Sebastiani Vineyard, the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau, Tetrapak, wine.woot and Wine Tasting Network. Media sponsors signed on to help promote the event include Wine Business Publications and Wine Biz Radio. The Wine Blogger... (more)

How to Use PowerBuilder .NET Applications on Linux

With PowerBuilder 11 Sybase gave developers what we have long hoped for - the possibility of taking an application created in a client/server architecture and turning it into a Web application, almost without having to move the code; and it's better if you don't use a server application. Once the Web Form application is ready, it looks like I have a "multi-platform" application and any operating system can use it. But when I go to a Linux box to see my the Web browser and type in the Web URL... it doesn't even show the user and password window well. Now imagine running a Windows application in Linux - impossible? No, not exactly. This article will try to explain how to run applications made in PowerBuilder 11 on a Linux operating system. The article is divided into two parts: the first is about how to run an application in Web Form PowerBuilder on Lin... (more)

Foodista Tries To Prove That More Cooks In the Kitchen Will Produce A Better Recipe

How many cooks does it take to produce the perfect recipe? I’d say one, a really good one. Barnaby Dorfman thinks that 1,000 cooks can come up with a better recipe than any single chef, and earlier today he launched Foodista around that premise. It is a Wikipedia for food. Each recipe can be collaboratively edited and improved. Scrumptious photos for each dish are pulled in from Flickr, and descriptions are pulled in from Wikipedia itself. You can add or remove ingredients, see the edit history, or add a comment to each page. The site is well-designed and was put together by Dorfman and two other co-founders on their own dime. It will have to overcome some pretty stuff competition from both established sites like AllRecipes and the Food Network, as well as new cooking sites like Cookstr (read our review) and Open Source Food. But Dorfman thinks he can do better t... (more)

In Defense of Joel Spolsky

Joel Spolsky doesn't need my help in defending himself. But since he's my favorite blogger and a person I highly respect, I feel obligated to speak up. Mr. Curt Monash has written an article implying that Joel overestimates his importance while not achieving that much since he was able to grow his company to "only" 25 people. Mr Monash wrote this article based on the wrong assumption that the number of employees is an indicator of the success of the founders of the company. Joel's company has about 25 employees, which is the border number when the company remains agile, manageable and doesn't require an overhead in the form of mid-tier management. Besides, every founder of a company has his/her goals and priorities that may include (surprise, surprise!) having some spare time for a personal life too. I have no doubt that if Joel ever decided to open a consulting arm a... (more)

Hands-On Review Of Jolicloud, The iPhonesque OS For Netbooks

Founder and former CEO of Netvibes Tariq Krim is moving forward with his ambitious Jolicloud project, looking to build a better operating system for web workers with netbooks (or smartbooks or cloud computers, whichever term you prefer). A couple of days ago, we got a couple of exclusive screenshots from the team, and just a day after the startup started sending out a handful of invite codes for early adopters who wanted to get a peak at the alpha developer release. I also got hold of one and have been using Jolicloud on my Acer Aspire ONE for about four days now. These are my initial findings. Installation Jolicloud is still in alpha mode, and there’s no denying that there are a lot of kinks left to iron out before it’s ready for public use. For instance, the process of installing it on my Windows XP-powered netbook was frankly a pain in the butt. You need to downl... (more)

Wine Blog Launched on Ulitzer

Wine Blog on Ulitzer lanched today. Ulitzer content is grouped in 25 distinct subjects from "Aerospace and Defense" to "Travel and Hospitality." Each subject group offers an unlimited number of topics, and each topic may contain thousands of peer-reviewed feature stories, bylined articles, blog posts, news, reviews, commentary, and unique editorial content authored by top experts in their fields. Ulitzer is designed to replace Wikipedia with Its three-dimensional live content offerings and dynamic topic structure. "Facebook established itself as the new and improved tool for Myspace users and Ulitzer will establish itself as the new, much improved, dynamic, and three dimensional version of Wikipedia with live content," said Fuat Kircaali, founder of Ulitzer, Inc. "Ulitzer is an original and unique tool for readers who seek quality content on any subject, and written b... (more)