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Sailing, sailing over the bounding sea... Or in our case, inside a wine glass. We've all seen the ship-in-a-bottle knick-knack. Well, I'm here to show you how to set a sailboat afloat in a wine glass, using Fireworks MX or MX 2004, vector AND bitmap masks. Heave ho, matey, and don't forget to buckle your swash! Combining images is part of the fun with programs like Fireworks. Making those images look like they belong together - to fool the eye, as they say - is challenging and rewarding. Take this unlikely pair of images, for example: a studio beauty shot of a wine bottle with a glass and a sailboat. Wouldn't it be neat to make the sailboat seem as if it were floating inside the wine glass? If you answered "yes," continue on. If you answered "no," re-read the previous paragraph and answer, "yes," this time. Now that we're all in agreement, let's set sail - errr - g... (more)

Cognacs of France

If you aren’t yet ready to consider France heaven, it might be that you haven’t sampled the right bottle of cognac.  Writer Scott Rose here gives a primer on cognac culture and guidelines for finding the crème de la crème of cognacs.   A French expression that means ‘The Land of Plenty,” Le Pays de Cocagne, suitably describes the Charente region of southwest France, home to the king of brandies, cognac.  Charming villages dot the vineyard-rich countryside, churches and chateaux bear witness to history, and the rites of cognac production are central to life.     Local legend has it that the double distillation requisite to cognac was invented at the beginning of the 1600s by Le Chevalier de la Croix Marron, a pious nobleman.  Le Chevalier had a nightmare about the devil attempting to boil his soul out of him.  The first attempt failed, so the de... (more)

SuSE’s Windows Rival Due

SuSE is supposed to announce the availability of its promised $129 Linux Office Desktop on Monday, January 20. The stuff, whose arrival was heralded back in November and positioned as a Windows rival, is bundled with CodeWeavers WINE-based CrossOver 1.3.1 code so it can run Office 98 and 2000 and a few other Windows programs like Notes albeit imperfectly by CodeWeavers’ own admission (CSN No 474). It’s for the SME-retail market. Linuxgram is published weekly by G2 Computer Intelligence Inc. 323 Glen Cove Ave.; Sea Cliff, NY 11579, USA; Tel: 516 759-7025 - Fax: 516 759-7028 Send press releases to: [email protected] Subscription price per year: $195/£140 individual reader. Corporate Subscription available at quantity discounts. E-mail: [email protected] (c) Copyright 2003 G2 Computer Intelligence, Inc. ... (more)

10 Rules of Open Source Marketing

I was lucky enough to be Documentum's first employee in Europe in 1993. While there, I worked closely with Geoffrey Moore and got "religion" about understanding not just the so-called "chasm" but the whole marketing model and its implications for strategy, marketing, product, and operational behaviour. I started working with John Newton in the late '80s and we recently discussed marketing models and their relevance to Open Source as well as Geoffrey Moore's new thinking in Darwin and the Demon. This conversation was the root of my thoughts on rules for Open Source marketing - new model, new rules (and some old ones). Many people are familiar with Moore's Technology Adoption LifeCycle (TALC) where everyone dreams of hitting the "Tornado." Early Market - Discontinuous innovation. Attractive to technology enthusiasts and visionaries Chasm - A pause in market interest w... (more)

Exploring the Romantic Cinque Terre

Hiking on centuries-old footpaths to remote villages, then returning to the comforts of a classic motoryacht provides a perfect holiday mix. In the heart of a remote national park, five tiny medieval villages, almost untouched by time since Roman occupation, cling to the rocks overhanging the sea. But how do you visit these alluring towns, cut off from modern bustle and devoid of road access? The answer is simple: invest in a stout pair of walking shoes and charter a luxury yacht!  The Cinque Terre, or five lands, are found on Italy's Mediterranean coast just south of Genoa in the amphitheater-shaped Golfo di Spezia, more romantically referred to as the Gulf of Poets. To this day it remains an inspiration for the fertile mind and fleet of foot. There is a legend that a magical sea monster pursued by hunters fled into the sea where he scratched and clawed out the nu... (more)

New FOSS Legal Center Seeks To Limit Microsoft's Intimidation Potential

Eben Moglen, the Columbia University Law professor who serves as general counsel to both the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the Samba Project, has formed a Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) to provide pro bono legal services to non-profit open source software products and developers worldwide starting with FSF and Samba. WINE and Debian will also be represented by the SFLC, Eben said. The move is an outgrowth of the $5 billion lawsuit SCO has lodged against IBM contesting the ownership of the code IBM contributed to Linux and the threat that Microsoft will rattle its growing patent portfolio under open source noses. The center is not intended as a "warrior organization" focused on litigation or "fire fighting," Eben said. Instead it's meant to deprive Microsoft of the opportunity to spread any "fear, uncertainty and doubt" by ensuring that the center's clients ... (more)

Weekend Warriors

The amazing thing is that anything gets done at all. Software architects and developers, analysts and administrators, and C-level executives all share this core belief, whether they publicly state it or not. As we approach the summer months, one thinks of weekends in the Hamptons or the Wine Country, at the Shore or the Cape, maybe a trip to the Dells or to Mackinac, the Gulf or the Mountains. Or maybe to the office. Blessed weekends, when the phones are not ringing, meetings are merely bad memories, and some real work can get done. One of the great ironies of IT is that it sucks in millions of people with the intellectual apparatus to handle the most abstract concepts and theories, often in several languages, people who are familiar with the great Discovers and Creators of human history, yet whose day-to-day existence is now consumed with writing, checking, and re... (more)

Luxury Living With A Yacht in Your Yard

Once upon a short time ago a French man named François Spoerry had a unique and watery vision for his yacht. His wish was to create a beautiful home where he could moor his boat in the backyard – the visionary Gallic was an avid sailor as well as being a creative architect. And lucky for an elite few, his wish came true. The development he designed in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in the south of France has attracted investors and yacht owners from all over the world who appreciate his excellent taste in real estate and the perfect location on the Mediterranean Sea. An added attraction is the mild micro-climate and sheltered harbour that Port Grimaud enjoys, which is thanks to protection from the Alps to the north. Just think Venice but in the south of France! The exclusive complex with its playful colours was designed to resemble the romantic Italian city with th... (more)

Cruising with Gondolas

There are many ways to arrive in Venice but perhaps the very finest way is to do so in your own yacht.  Fortunately in recent years several companies have set up shop offering self-drive motor yachts, which enable sailors to undertake such an adventure.  We chose to use Connoisseur a British based company using British built boats that come with easy to read instructions all in English.  The company has bases throughout Europe and in each employ young English speaking staff full of enthusiasm for yachting vacations. I will never understand why the Venetians built their city on islands inside a swamp in the first place but within minutes of our arriving there, I was awfully glad they had.  The city was, according to legend, founded in 422 by Roman refugees fleeing from the Goths who invaded and ravaged northern-eastern Italy and was probably built as a result of the in... (more)

French Train Travel Speeds Up in 2007; See More of France in Less Time

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/16/07 -- French trains, particularly the sleek TGVs*, have been a convenient and comfortable way to travel around France for 25 years and a must-see tourist attraction for automotive-centric North Americans -- but in 2007, they will take a leap into the future with the June 10 launch of the TGV Est (East). This new line will cut travel times nearly in half between Paris and eastern regions such as Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Alsace, and the frequency of train service within those fascinating regions and between these regions and others in France will increase 15-20%, making it easy to see more in less time. Late in the year (mid-November), Eurostar will operate even faster between Paris and London -- cutting an average of 20 minutes off the already quick 2 hrs 35 min journey, thanks to the completion of the final segment of h... (more)

Think Linus Torvalds Will Defer to Sun on GPLv3? The Answer May Hinge on a Bottle of Wine

Linux creator Linus Torvalds thinks the last GPLv3 draft is better than earlier drafts, but he still doesn't like it much, preferring the existing GPLv2 that the Linux kernel is currently licensed under. He has problems with the GPL 3's ban on so-called "tivoization" - Tivo shuts down if users mess with its DRM software - and deals like the Microsoft-Novell pact. " All I've heard are shrill voices about 'tivoization' (which I expressly think is OK)," he wrote Sunday on the Linux development mailing list, "and panicked worries about Novell-MS (which seems way overblown, and quite frankly, the argument seems to not so much be about the Novell deal, as about an excuse to push the GPLv3)." However, he told the mailing list that he might move to GPLv3 if Sun puts OpenSolaris under the GPLv3 like it's been saying it wants to so it can have a standard license. "I have yet... (more)